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experience experience

Rich industry experience - extensive market influence

In order to meet the market demand, the company has developed into a professional company engaged in the development, research and production of paper ventilation, drying, energy-saving technology and equipment. With rich industry experience, extensive market influence and strict quality management system, our products sell well both at home and abroad. Production precision, careful testing, stable performance, long service life, the strict testing system goes along with the production to the delivery.

Customized Customized

Non standard customization - meet your high standard requirements

For many years, the industry consultant technical team has provided mechanical procurement consulting and exclusive solutions, with an average of 10 years' experience in the technical team, which can refine and control the demand. The products can be customized according to the actual needs of the project, reduce the cost of customers, and commit to making customized application plans.



Direct selling Direct selling

No middleman to earn price difference - factory direct sales

Fengxin technology paper ventilation equipment strictly controls all costs in production, maximizes the benefits to customers, high production capacity, low scrap rate, and profits far superior to peers. Factory direct sales, no middle price difference, price affordable and transparent. 


service service

Perfect after-sales service system professional technical support

Perfect after-sales service system, sincere and thoughtful professional service, timely and rapid communication with customers. Appoint professionals to install and debug on site, and guide the staff to operate on site until they learn. We have rich experience in design, manufacturing and installation. We are familiar with this field, and can do our best in it. Perfect service concept runs through pre-sale, in sale and after-sale. We can really create value for you with all our heart!

Manufacturing-based, customer demand-oriented

High quality products, perfect after-sales service, cases all over the world


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Shandong Fengxin Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the development, research and production of paper ventilation, drying, energy-saving technology and equipment. It has made great achievements in the field of paper ventilation, drying and energy-saving for many years. The company is located in Linqing, Liaocheng, Shandong Province. Fengxin is committed to the research, development and application of the optimal ventilation condition of modern paper machine. View details >




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